Lenovo ThinkSystem Tower Portfolio: Reliability Of The Data Center Made For Office Environments


The need to store, process and access data is constantly growing. Customers need solutions to better solve their data management needs. Lenovo tower servers deliver powerful performance and versatile storage configurations in a small footprint for SMBs or enterprise businesses. “With our tower servers, it allows us to bring that compute closer to where we need to need it. Maybe it’s a remote office or a back office, somewhere we don’t have that rack kind of infrastructure. So, with a tower we’re able to put that out there, even under a desk like a—on a sales system with our whisper quiet ST50. So, some of the benefits of our Lenovo towers servers is that first and foremost they have the reliability that we’re known for with ThinkSystem,”says Mark Bica, brand manager, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group. From growing small businesses to enterprise workloads having the right technology for all workforce environments can make all the difference for overall success. Lenovo towers offer the reliability from a data center delivered in a package optimized for office environments. “We are the only company that can support you from your pocket to the cloud. And that’s with all of our Motorola phone business, our datacenter, as well as our hybrid cloud offering. So regardless of the vertical you’re in, whether it’s manufacturing, retail, anything along those lines, our tower servers give you that ability to bring that reliability and compute out there where you need it,” says Bica. Tower servers resemble a desktop tower and are very affordable. A tower server is ideal if you don’t need a full data center but still have cybersecurity and data storage needs. It offers robust solutions to help run businesses without breaking the bank, and you can easily store them under a desk or in a cabinet. These benefits are opening the door for growth opportunities for channel partners. “You can go ahead and build out either a custom model or maybe a preconfigured model that we already have on the shelf at distribution. From there we offer you several things as far as our LenovoPartnerHub.com, as well as our LBPE pricing tool. Ideally, we can support you, throughout your infrastructure. It really depends on what you need, where you need it,” says Bica.

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