FortiSASE: Reshaping The Digital Protection Landscape


Kena Johnson FortiSASE is a crucial component of Fortinet’s platform offering known as the fabric. This groundbreaking security strategy is designed to close security gaps and simplify operations. It is based on the companies mature operating system FortiOS. Rick Basile, Technical Officer, Americas & VP, Consulting Systems Engineering, Fortinet “FortiSASE is our ability to deliver secure service edge capabilities, firewall as a service, CASB, DLP capabilities to secure our customers as they access applications in the cloud and the internet.” Kena Johnson Fortinet’s single vendor SASE approach is designed with every aspect of hybrid work in mind. And as such… this security policy will protect customers regardless of how and where their users access the network or applications. Rick Basile “FortiSASE allows us to provide that security through a single management plane, not only for the security that's in the cloud, but also security at the branch from the client.”//” Integrating solutions like our SD -WAN, ZTNA, full stack wireless wired capabilities at the branch allows for us to have a unified SASE offering that differentiates us from others in the market.” Kena Johnson New advancements for FortiSASE include… full integration of digital experience monitoring, remote browser isolation, AI powered DLP, and third party IPsec CPE capability to access FortiSASE offerings. Fortinet’s cloud network is providing its customers the access that they need with over 100 POPs locations globally… with plans to expand. Rick Basile “One thing to understand about Fortinet's POPs that differentiate us from some of our competitors is that every one of our POPs is a full compute stack. So as you enter our SASE offering, that is where all the security and processing occurs.” Kena Johnson Fortinet’s SASE offering helps customers' by giving them the ability to understand and recognize the responsiveness… low latency capabilities and application experience that you would want with a cloud -based solution.

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