Growth Through Partnerships: The Benefits Of A Strong Security Portfolio Approach


Technology is constantly changing and so are the ways that cybercriminals attack businesses across the globe. With the evolving and sophisticated security threats, experts warn that companies should become more proactive with their defense approach. Avast Business is stepping in to guide SMBs through the journey of becoming a security-minded organization. Their powerful, enterprise-grade and network security portfolio offers flexible, simple, and affordable solutions. In 2023, Avast leaders say they blocked an average of over 2.7 million attacks in just one month that were targeting business users. Experts say that being reactive is just not enough. So how does Avast’s Partner Program help support the security needs of your partners? How does your portfolio work to protect SMBs from online threats? What benefits do you offer to partners? Join Avast Business experts as they discuss affordable ways for businesses to protect complex and evolving network security layers. [10/26/2023]

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