Longer Lasting Protection: CyberPower’s Advanced Lithium UPS System


Segment 1: Understanding Lithium Power Technology Interviewee: Jake Shevik 1. Today's critical business and IT environments require high-powered yet low-maintenance protection. How does your Lithium-powered battery backup address these challenges? Hi Kena, and thanks for having me. Our customers have made it clear that certain applications require a UPS with longer life, longer runtimes, greater efficiency, and lower maintenance. And that is exactly what our new line of Lithium UPS systems provide. 2. What additional distinctive features are found in your Lithium batteries? First of all, this new line of Lithium UPS systems is an extension of our award-winning Smart App Sinewave UPS family, with additional features like built-in cloud and optional remote management, except with the powerful advantage of Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistry. Secondly, our Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are a maintenance-free premium battery technology that is known as the safest, most stable, and most reliable form of Lithium battery type on the market. This is ideal for longer runtimes, greater efficiency, longer life, and safety. Third, the cycle life of this battery technology is over 4x that of other Lithium-ion batteries and can reach 3,000-5,000 cycles or more at a greater depth of discharge. This means more life and more runtime. And finally, our Lithium UPS systems have a quick recharge in 2 hours, a very low self-discharge rate when not in use extending battery life and performance, higher runtimes than lead acid or other lithium UPS systems in the market.  4. Lithium batteries have a higher upfront cost, but how do they help save money overall? Explain the upfront/capital expenditures of lithium vs the ongoing operating costs of conventional batteries I like to think of Lithium as a premium battery technology with an investment as a capital expense. So, I am willing to pay more now knowing, I can rack it and forget about it rather than maintaining ongoing operating expenses like maintenance and battery exchanges for years to come. Segment 2: The Benefits Of Partnering With CyberPower Interviewee: Neil Amundsen 5. Given CyberPower's industry reputation, what motivates partners to align with the brand? There are several factors, including our Channel-only distribution strategy which means we are not competing with our partners. We also are a true manufacturer – we make our own products allowing us to control both quality and costs. We stand behind our products with Industry-leading warranties – 5 years in the case of our Lithium battery backups. We also pride ourselves on Customer-focused support – 24/7 tech support, and 24-hour turnaround on all sales inquiries. 6. How does incorporating CyberPower’s Lithium battery offer your partners a competitive edge? CyberPower is your ultimate ally in power. This means that we need to supply our partners with a broad assortment of power solutions. This product line expansion increases the range of solutions our partners can offer to their customers. Our new Lithium UPS systems feature • more power • smaller size • more outlets • greater surge protection • and longer runtimes. 7. In what ways does the Lithium battery contribute to operational simplicity for your partners? CyberPower is now a one-stop solution for all your power needs. By adding Lithium batteries to traditional Lead-Acid battery UPS systems, we are helping to meet our customers' ever-evolving power needs. 8. Can you offer some real-world examples of how partners can integrate Lithium batteries into their solutions? Sure. More often than you might expect, customer bids are requiring Lithium batteries instead of Lead-Acid. But even if Lithium technology is not required, its advantages of low maintenance and longer runtimes can make the difference for customers in need of higher performing battery backup systems. Segment 3: Joining The CyberPower Team Interviewee: Stay with Neil Amundsen • When are the Lithium UPS systems available and how can new and existing partners get started? Well, Kena, we are excited to announce that they’re available right now. Ready to quote and ready to ship! Logging onto our partner portal is quick and easy. It just takes a few minutes! • Where can viewers go to learn more about CyberPower’s portfolio and partnering with you? The best way to learn more about CyberPower is to visit our website, CyberPowerSystems.com and our partners can join the CyberPower Channel Partner Alliance. When you become an authorized partner, you gain three key advantages: • First, you get exclusive discounts-only available to our partners. • Secondly, you are assigned a dedicated account manager to help you with all of your power opportunities. • And third, you gain access to the rewards program and our new partner portal.

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