Why AI's Success Depends on the Channel: AI in Action Feature Video


The latest AI technologies brings enticing promises of unlocked creativity, unbound efficiency, a complete revolution of the way we work. But what happens if you roll out these AI solutions and instead of solving everyone’s problems, they’re confusing, they don’t work the way people expect, there’s no document, and the end results just end up being more tickets and headaches? The difference between a happy customer using that new GenAI solution as intended, assisting and improving their day-to-day performance, and a customer writing off the technology as an overhyped toy, comes down to how effective the solution provider can deliver this technology to the end-user. In this video, you will hear from both vendors and solution providers about the current problems that surround integrating AI technology, as well as success stories where AI has found a home already. This video is sponsored by Microsoft and OpenText Cybersecurity.

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