Unlocking Success: Partnering With Arrow Electronics And HPE For Growth And Innovation


Sydney Neely It’s a game-changing partnership between Arrow Electronics, HPE, and Intel. With the launch of the HPE Smart Choice purchase program, partners now have access to fast quotes, competitive prices and expedited shipping on select HPE ProLiant servers powered by Intel® Xeon® Processors. Joining me to tell us more about this collaboration is Matthew Brennan from Arrow Electronics. Hi Matt! Matthew Brennan Hi, how are you? Sydney Neely Doing great, thank you for joining us. Now, Matt, can you walk us through the main features of this program and how it benefits partners in their day to day operations? Matthew Brennan You know, I'd be happy to. You know, there's a few key offerings that are included in the HPE Smart Choice Purchase program. They offer several benefits and advantages, certainly for our partners. If I was to call it a few of them, certainly number one would be fast quotes. Partners can quickly obtain quotes for fully configured products, which obviously saves them time. The second one would be expedited shipping, right. If our partners can receive their orders properly, this obviously is particularly beneficial when there's urgency in deploying infrastructure or, you know, meeting project deadlines for their customers. Another one, you know, best price assurance partners can certainly be confident that they're getting the best price instantly. It's certainly going to help budget planning, cost management and again, fast delivery. Sydney Neely How does HPE Smart Choice align with Arrow’s mission to support and empower its partners? Matthew Brennan You know, we have access to leading vendors, right, all over the world. And certainly we really aim to simplify the buying process and provide customized solutions, leveraging, you know, our access to these leading I.T. vendors. So by partnering with HPE through Smart Choice Purchase program, Arrow can offer its partners immediate access to HPE'S fully configured products. And this aligns with Arrow's goal of providing partners with a streamlined access to top vendors and their offerings, and certainly facilitating quicker procurement and enabling partners to offer broader range of solutions to their customers. All partners are focused on growth, suppliers are focused on growth. We're focused on growth. So by providing extensive and personalized support to its partners behind the scenes, this allows them to focus on growing their business and as a participant in the HPE Smart Choice Purchase program, partners can leverage the programs fast quotes, expedited shipping, fully configured products and this really does help accelerate their sales cycle and meet their customer demands more efficiently. Sydney Neely In today's competitive landscape, what makes Arrow Electronics an ideal choice for channel partners? Matthew Brennan You know, I would say the thing that I'm most excited about right now, Sydney, is Arrow just relaunched our ArrowSphere platform and this thing is the answer to digital distribution and it's really intended and has already begun to supercharge our partners business growth with a world class platform. You think about it and it's a marketplace, right, for them to go and to access HPE solutions and then certainly turn around and simplify that buying process as well as provide tools for them as a partner that they can go translate provide managed services to their end users with Cloud assessment's ThinOps, SecOps, and it's certainly going to allow the partners to gain more insight into their customers needs. Not only that, it allows them to track the sale of whatever they saw, whatever that solution is, right from where is it in shipping and tracking to the billing and the delivery of the product. So again, game changer for Arrow. ArrowSphere is the future of what we're doing in digital distribution is where we are certainly headed and we're excited to have HPE on board with ArrowSphere and Smart Choice program. Sydney Neely It truly is a game changer. Thank you so much for joining me. Matthew Brennan You're very welcome. Thanks for having me. Sydney Neely To learn more about the HPE Smart Choice Purchase program in collaboration with Arrow Electronics and Intel. Visit the website below for The Channel Company. I'm Sydney Neely.

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