Seal More Deals Faster With Ingram Micro And HPE Smart Choice


Imagine experiencing a streamlined purchasing solution tailor-made for your success. Welcome to a new era of efficiency, convenience and customization with the HPE Smart Choice purchase program, in collaboration with industry leaders Ingram Micro and Intel. “The HPE Smart Choice purchase program offers a unique approach by addressing three market needs," Jamie Ferullo, executive director of advanced solutions for the HPE Business Unit, said. "One being speed, the next being ease of doing business, and finally compelling economics for our partners.” Partners receive quick quotes, the best pricing, and expedited shipping on select HPE ProLiant servers powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors with workload acceleration built in. “You've got these pre-configured solutions with upfront aggressive pricing take to the market and obviously shorten the sales cycle along the way. So, customers can acquire HPE ProLiant servers with unmatched reliability and scalability, along with the availability, it really helps with quicker deployments," Ferullo said. Ingram Micro’s Xvantage platform seamlessly merges with HPE Smart Choice, offering partners a personalized AI-driven buying experience, complete with real-time inventory, pricing, recommendations and data insights. “When combined with the numerous benefits of the HPE Smart Choice program, customers are able to quickly make well-informed purchasing decisions and capture more sales opportunities that ultimately help shorten the sales cycle with readily available pre-configured solutions," Ferullo said. Combining HPE Smart Choice with Xvantage sets customers up for success by streamlining their operations and providing them with the tools needs to thrive in today’s competitive market. “We aim to be an extension of our partners' businesses, helping to provide more scale and reach for our partners and all aspects throughout the lifecycle of the sale," Ferullo said. “The investments we've made with both Xvantage and our people are not simply to help our partners manage their business, but ultimately to help them accelerate the growth within their business model.” If you would like to learn more about how the HPE Smart Choice purchase program, in collaboration with Ingram Micro and Intel, can take your business to the next level, visit the website below.

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