Dell Technologies & WWT: Navigating Storage Solutions


Kena Johnson How has the partnership with WWT and Dell evolved over the years? John Lochausen So Worldwide has been a Dell partner for over two decades now. We are their Titanium black, which is their highest partner level. And we are capable of delivering the entire suite of Dell offerings, from hardware, to software, as well as using our Asynchrony Labs business arm. We can give our customers a software that brings it all together and makes the hardware actually do important things. Kena Johnson What's your reaction about PowerStore Prime, especially since you worked on the beta testing of it? John Lochausen Yeah, so Worldwide has been a beta tester for PowerStore since its pre-launch 2020. And over that time, we've seen the product grow, and we've been involved with every major software release for the platform. With PowerStore Prime, we see a good refinement of what's already come before, and a good expansion of features that make it better than it was before. So there are new things like Metro for Windows and Linux, which wasn't there before. We also see the launch of the QLC platform, which brings down the storage cost for our customers while still providing absolute awesome performance. Kena Johsnon Why should customers consider PowerStore Prime now? John Lochausen The thing that PowerStore Prime does really well is it gives our customers options. It's a platform that doesn't wall you in and can grow with you as your needs change. You may buy it for one very specific use case,and then the platform has features that you can take advantage of as you continue to grow, whatever it is you're trying to do. John, sounds like great opportunities.

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