8 Reasons Why Customers Choose Dell for Storage


Ever wondered why Dell Technologies is a go-to for storage solutions? Let's dive into the top reasons First up, Dell's commitment to software-driven innovation is unmatched They're not just selling storage; they're selling smarter storage It's not just about how much data you can store anymore AIOps, DevOps, security, and multicloud are reshaping the storage landscape According to the Dell Technologies Innovation Index, 86% of decision-makers want tech that meets their innovation goals, yet 57% feel their current tech isn't cutting-edge Dell responds with a suite of modern storage solutions like PowerStore and PowerMax, focusing on adaptability, cyber resiliency, and multicloud flexibility With over 85% of Dell's ISG engineers focused on software, it's clear why their storage solutions are at the forefront of innovation For the full scoop, check out our new fact sheet and see how Dell keeps data storage cutting-edge

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