Solutions And Services Come Together In The New Logitech Partner Connect Program


Sydney Neely Hello and welcome. I'm your host, Sydney Neely, from The Channel Company bringing you the latest on the relaunch of the Logitech Partner Connect program. The Logitech Partner Connect Program now houses all of Logitech’s solutions and services under one program, giving partners more opportunity with a simpler approach. Joining me to tell us all about this new program and more is Crystal Ferreira from Logitech. Hi, Crystal. Crystal Ferreira Hi, Sydney. Thank you for having me. Sydney Neely Thank you for joining us. Now, Logitech recently overhauled its partner program. Tell us what's new about it and how does this fit into Logitech's channel first approach? Crystal Ferreira Well, the program was designed really to do four things. The first thing we wanted to do was to bring global consistency in how we show up and support our partners. We also wanted to encourage deeper engagement with our most productive partners and to give the partners a choice in how they work with us based on their business objectives. And then finally, we wanted to ensure we were incentivizing and rewarding the partners in a transparent and meaningful way. So the partner program sits on a global framework that will bring that consistency to our business, making it easier for our partners and our global customers to work with us. That framework is a track based program framework, which means that the partners actually have a choice in how they invest with Logitech based on their profitability needs. And then finally, we're really encouraging more collaboration and strategic engagement with the partners through joint business planning so that we can be more intentional in how we go to market together. Sydney Neely How are you prioritizing service offerings in the updated Logitech Partner program and why is this a benefit to partners? Crystal Ferreira We have two opportunities for partners to participate in services with us. It's a really important part of our enterprise strategy. So one opportunity is to resell our Logitech branded managed service offerings, and then the other is an opportunity for partners to have more ownership in the service offering. It's a white label option which allows partners to wrap their service offers around the Logitech branded offer. So a great opportunity for partners at any level of engagement with the customer to provide managed services and front pre and post sales services. Sydney Neely What do you want current and potential partners to know about the benefits and opportunities of this new partner program? Crystal Ferreira Well, Partner Connect is designed to encourage and engage with partners right from the onboarding of the program. So we've added new enablement and certifications that can lead to specialization incentives. That's very new for us. Our incentive track has evolved quite a bit to include a robust deal registration across all of our products. It includes a growth incentive rebate for partners on a quarterly basis, and we've improved our self-serve portal to include transparency in reporting and access to more tools to help the partners to grow their business. Sydney Neely What is Logitech’s vision for the coming year, and what can we expect from the Logitech Partner Connect program in 2024? Crystal Ferreira Well, the launch of the program is just the beginning of our journey. We're making a commitment to continue to evolve the program. In 2024, we will see more specializations, more improved enablement. A more consistent communication and engagement with Logitech. And we are allowing for more opportunity for the partners to provide feedback so that we can continue to improve based upon the things that are interesting to them. Sydney Neely Sounds like some great things for partners to look forward to. Thank you. Crystal joining me. Crystal Ferreira Thank you, Sydney. Sydney Neely Thank you at home for watching. And if you would like to learn more about the revamped Logitech Partner Connect program, check out the website right there on your screen. Thanks for watching. I'm Sydney Neely, and I'll see you next time.

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