Unlocking AI Potential: Partnering With Lenovo And Intel For Cutting-Edge Solutions


Lenovo and Intel AI solutions are unlocking cutting-edge capabilities, empowering partners to meet evolving customer demands and prepare their PCs for the AI revolution. I’m Kena Johnson from The Channel Company. Here today to discuss this further is Kelly Darden from Lenovo and Brian Tucker from Intel. Glad to have you both with me! Kena Johnson Brian, what shifts are you seeing towards hybrid AI? Brian Tucker You know, we've been working on AI for along time in the industry and all that work's been done in the cloud because it offered massively scalable compute capabilities to model to train and run the inference on these large AI workloads. But as the compute power has matured, those workloads are now moving out of the cloud to the edge and now to the client. So in this hybrid transition, as we enter the AI PC era, we’re going to see a mix of these workloads operating on the cloud. And now since the clients are capable down on the AI PC. So just like we've entered a hybrid workforce where some days we're in the office and somedays we're at home, these transitional periods will also have the AI workloads kind of a mixed hybrid environment, some in the cloud now many down on the client and as the client matures as that hardware matures, the software will catch up and it continues to create that kind of hardware software spiral that ever feeds on itself. So, really excited about all the future things to come. Kena Johnson Kelly, could you elaborate on the benefits of the AI PC for customers and partners? Kelly Darden The introduction of the neural processing unitor the NPU for short. So I'm going to geek out for a second here, talk about the benefit there.NP us are measured in trillions of operations per second. So the devices that we bring to the market now will be able to run exponentially faster but also run at the local level, those AI apps that will come to market. So whether you are working on an email response or recapping a call that you were on, you can get all of those insights and data back in almost no time here. The other benefit is that it is going to run at the local level rather than running in the cloud. So security is going to be top of mind and also lower latency because it is done locally. So, you know, the experience here is going to be significantly faster. As far as workflows are concerned compared to what you've seen in years past Kena Johnson Brian, why should partners be considering AI PCs for their customers now? Brian Tucker You know, AI is evolving at the fastest pace ever. If we just think back less than two years ago, this thing called Chat GPT came onto the market and just look at the evolution that's happened since then. And there's a lot of other tail winds in the industry right now. Many of our customers are still on Windows 10 and we need to get them off of Windows 10 onto the newer Windows 11 operating system. The AI era is here, this software is evolving. So as these customers need to refresh their PC fleet, thinking about the future of AI and preparing for this software, it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when and how AI comes down on to the client.So making sure that your PC fleet is prepared to run all the things we know of today. And honestly, all the things that we invent over these coming years, critically important that you prepare for the future. We are at the beginning of the AI PC era. Kena Johnson Kelly what are the unique benefits of Lenovo/Intel AI PCs? Kell Darden great question. So you're getting two powerhouse brands with the Intel uh brand as well as Lenovo combined. With ThinkPad specifically, you are getting the number one selling commercial PC on the planet. ThinkPad has had a historic heritage of over 30 years of innovation. So we hang our hat on innovation, trusted quality and purposeful design. I think that has introduced the first commercial two in one devices. We've introduced the first foldable PCS as well. And we go through military grade testing on our devices. So extreme temperatures drop, test fungus dirt, dust, any type of conditions that AI PC would be deployed under, we make sure that we adhere to those tests.So that any and everyone has access to smarter technology for all. Kena Johnson Kelly and Brian, thank you so much for joining here. If you’d like to learn more, contact your Lenovo Channel Account Manager.

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