HPE Smart Choice Delivers Speed And Simplicity


Caleb Owen Supply chain disruption and a complex marketplace continue to challenge solution providers who are looking to offer competitive server technology. That's why HPE developed the HPE Smart Choice Purchase Program, a program that aims to speed up the process from quoting to final delivery and deployment. I'm here with Scott Wood from HPE to tell us more about HPE Smart Choice. Caleb Owen How are you doing? Good Scott Wood Caleb, how are you today? Caleb Owen I'm doing great, thanks. Can you tell me a little bit about what was the inspiration behind HPE Smart Choice? Scott Wood It was really fairly simple. We really were listening to the needs of our customers and the needs of our solution partners. And when our customers have computing needs for projects that they need to deliver, they're really looking to get a great price. They want to get something quickly and they want it to be simple. And our solution partners want to serve those customers. Scott Wood They want to deliver great products like HPE ProLiant servers, and they want to work with a company that's easy to do business with. And that was the inspiration. Caleb Owen What else do you think sets apart HPE Smart Choice from anything else on the market? Scott Wood It's really a combination of these three things. It's price and speed and simplicity from a price standpoint with HPE Smart Choice. You get the best price in minutes and you get it the first time. You can actually grab that price while you're on the phone with the customer. Caleb Owen Live real time. That's fast. Scott Wood Fast, fast. Two, they're looking for speed. So smart choice configurations or HPE Smart Choice configurations actually ship the next day, so that guarantees you a speedy delivery. And then customers want simplicity. And with HPE Smart Choice, you get a list of the most popular options for our small medium business customers. It comes as one SKU, one package for simplicity. Scott Wood It's fully integrated and is completely factory tested. So it's really those three combinations of speed, simplicity and price that make it different. Caleb Owen So that's that's the big picture. Can you walk me through then, for a partner, what's the process look like if they're looking to acquire HPE technology through Smart Choice. Scott Wood That's actually really easy as well. You just as a solution partner, you log into your distributors portal, you'll see an option to select the HPE Smart Choice and you'll get a list of these really easy to buy quick to ship smart choice configurations that really best meet the needs of most of your customers workloads. Caleb Owen Well, if you want to learn more about HPE Smart Choice, you can go to the links on the screen below or to one of your distributor portals. Arrow Electronics: https://www.arrow.com/globalecs/na D&H Distributing: https://www.dandh.com/HPESmartChoice Ingram Micro: https://usa.ingrammicro.com/cep/app/product/productsearch?title=HPE&vendor=HPE&pageName=hpe TD SYNNEX: https://ec.synnex.com/ecx/ For The Channel Company, I'm Caleb Owen.

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