2024 Report Highlights Rising Cloud Security Challenges and Solutions


Cloud security challenges are escalating as organizations increasingly adopt hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The "2024 Cloud Security Report" by Cybersecurity Insiders reveals critical insights into these evolving challenges and the strategies cybersecurity professionals are prioritizing to manage them effectively. According to the report, most organizations are leveraging hybrid and multi-cloud strategies to harness the benefits of diverse cloud services. However, this shift brings significant security concerns, with 59% of respondents identifying security and compliance issues as major barriers to cloud adoption. The complexity of securing multiple cloud environments is further compounded by a severe shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. The report strongly advocates for the adoption of a unified cloud security platform, as echoed by 95% of respondents. Such platforms are seen as crucial for simplifying and automating security management across various cloud services. The findings of the "2024 Cloud Security Report" underscore the urgent need for integrated security solutions that can respond immediately with how quickly changes evolve in cloud technologies and the expanding threat landscape. To this end, solution providers may want to consider Fortinet Cloud Security.

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