AMD intros entry-level server CPUs for SMBs, enterprise branches, hosted service providers


AMD has just introduced the AMD EPYC 4004 processors, bringing a new entry-level line to its family of 4th gen server processors. To deliver these new processors, AMD has combined the architecture of its Ryzen 7000 series processors with the packaging of its EPYC line of server processors. The result is a line of CPUs that lowers the entry-level pricing for EPYC-powered servers. The AMD EPYC 4004 processors are designed for use in entry-level servers and towers. Many SMBs can’t afford either hosting on the public cloud or AMD’s more powerful server processors. As a result, they often make do with using PCs as servers. There are lots of reasons why a real server offers a better solution: 1. greater performance and scalability 2. higher rates of dependability 3. easier management All the new AMD EPYC 4004 processors use AMD’s AM5 socket which makes them incompatible with AMD’s higher-end EPYC 8004 and EPYC 9004 server processors. AMD is working with several server OEMs to get systems built around the new EPYC 4004 processors to market quickly.

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