Dell Technologies And AMD Expand The Generative AI Solutions Portfolio


Kena Johnson The escalating need for robust computing continues to grow. Dell Technologies and AMD are expanding the generative AI solutions portfolio, with the high-performance Dell PowerEdge XE9680 server, designed to support the AMD Instinct MI300X accelerator. This server features the AMD Instinct Platform with eight MI300X accelerators making it one of the most powerful AI optimized platforms. This is news enterprises have been waiting for to power their AI and GenAI workloads. Allen Clingerman, Chief Technology Strategist, Server+Workloads, NA Channels at Dell Technologies “It features 192 gigs of memory of high band with memory three in each GPU. And that really gives us up to 1.5 terabytes of GPU memory per eight-way system.” Kena Johnson The system also supports up to 4 terabytes of system memory---with 10 front-facing P-C-I-e Gen5 slots, providing balanced I-O.While it’s more powerful, it takes up less infrastructure.” Allen Clingerman, Chief Technology Strategist, Server+Workloads, NA Channels at Dell Technologies “We do all of this while still fitting in a very small, compact 6U form factor, entered Enterprise 1200-millimeter rack while being fully air cooled.” Kena Johnson And the fact that it’s still air cooled-allows thee energy efficiency within the data center- to continue to improve as well. David Melendrez, Account Manager, AMD Processors, AMD “There's a lot of customers out there with sustainability goals. There's an equal amount of customers out there that want to touch AI and be able to commercialize it and put it into their business to improve and to innovate. And I think this system with our GPU makes that happen.” Kena Johnson PowerEdge XE9680 is coupled with the new Dell Validated Design for Generative AI, leveraging AMD ROCm-powered AI frameworks, making GenAI more accessible for enterprises particularly in terms of training larger language models.For The Channel Company, I’m Kena Johnson. Thanks for watching!

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