Fortinet's AI-Driven SecOps: Pioneering Cybersecurity Risk Reduction


Fortinet’s Security Operations (SecOps) solutions will dramatically cut down on the time it takes to identify and respond to cyber intrusions, making a giant leap forward in the fight against malicious threats. SecOps solutions from Fortinet uses AI and automation to improve how organizations deal with these challenges. Independent customer research has shown that Fortinet SecOps can find and stop threats in less than an hour and speed up investigating and fixing problems. This allows a small team to become more effective, lowering the risk of cyber attacks by 99 percent. As cyber criminals expand their methods, technology and ranks, and as businesses encounter changes including more deployments of IoT/OT and hybrid work models, the threat landscape has become significantly more challenging. Fortinet's SecOps solutions are a crucial resource for enterprise security leaders in the battle against cyber threats. Early Detection and Prevention products like FortiEDR, FortiXDR, FortiNDR and FortiDeceptor are able to detect and often prevent threats that have escaped perimeter and basic security measures. Unified Threat Response products like FortiAnalyzer, FortiSIEM and FortiSOAR add further advanced detection and provide the SOC analysts with the support they need to rapidly investigate and respond to these sophisticated threats.

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