Fortinet Enhances Partner Expertise With Seed Unit Program


Fortinet, the leading provider of network security solutions, offers an innovative program aimed at enhancing the technical expertise of its partners. Fortinet has made available to its solution provider partners a seed unit program designed to provide you with hardware or software – free of cost – to help boost your expertise and help with critical certifications. This initiative enables you to deepen your understanding of Fortinet products and achieve Network Security Expert (NSE) certifications, crucial for your professional development. The program specifically targets technical or executive influencers within partner organizations, granting them unlimited access to Fortinet technology for individual or laboratory use. This hands-on experience is intended to help partners assess and understand Fortinet's offerings more thoroughly, thus fostering a more informed and skilled partnership network. Participation in the program requires that partners meet certain criteria, including necessary NSE certifications. Through this program, Fortinet not only bolsters the expertise of its partners but also strengthens the overall security posture of the networks they manage. This strategic initiative underscores Fortinet’s commitment to empowering its partners and enhancing the cybersecurity ecosystem.

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