The Case For Modernization In Higher Education


To keep pace with fast-growing demand for asynchronous and virtual learning, higher education institutions are rapidly rolling out technology to beef up IT infrastructure. However, rolling out new tech isn’t the same as modernization. It can come with missed opportunities or increased costs if modernization isn’t undertaken. New technology often gets introduced in a piecemeal fashion with no larger modernization plan. This usually leaves institutions with pockets of aging tech. “Updating to edge computing solutions that run more effectively and efficiently can equate to reducing energy consumption and contributing to overall on-campus sustainability goals.” Adam Compton, Schneider Electric Blog Solution providers looking to serve growing demand for edge technology can look to Schneider Electric to see what’s possible. With EcoStruxure IT Expert, for example, solution providers can deliver an inclusive, end-to-end management approach to widely distributed IT environments such as those found in colleges or universities. With IoT devices, racks, energy management and real-time data analysis tools, EcoStruxure IT Expert can deploy and track the operation and efficiency of all corners of IT. Tracking the use and efficiency of everything from sensors to servers—as higher education institutions take advantage of hybrid learning and cutting-edge tech—means those institutions will see more benefits and fewer downsides.

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