Increase Your Storage Margins With PowerStore


Facing a data explosion, organizations demand storage that's efficient and adaptable Enter PowerStore by Dell Technologies Prowess Consulting tested two NVM Express® (NVMe®) all-flash platforms and measured both storage and energy efficiency Their tests revealed PowerStore's superior data reduction ratio (DRR) of 4.8:1, outperforming Vendor A's 2.8:1 Plus, PowerStore used 41% less energy Another study conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group showed an impressive average DRR of 5.23:1, shrinking data footprints by 81% PowerStore combines Intel Xeon processors, NVMe tech, and container-based software It simplifies IT, supports diverse workloads, and offers no-cost future innovations Dell Partners can leverage PowerStore's proven efficiency to boost customer confidence and margins Discover how PowerStore can elevate your storage game at Dell Technologies

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