Tech Explainer: Biometric Security


Biometric authentication is the cybersecurity that binds your identity to unique physical or behavioral traits Unlike passwords, biometric data is tough to mimic or steal There are 3 different kinds of biometric security 1. Biological Biometrics Bodily fluids that contain unique identifiers like DNA can be analyzed and compared to data based on previously collected samples 2. Morphological Biometrics This involves mapping and scanning body features like eyes and fingerprints 3. Behavioral Biometrics It's all about the unique ways you walk, talk, and type Biometric security starts with data collection, creating a unique identifier When access is requested, a scanner compares your biometrics to a database But can biometric data be faked? Though challenging, it's possible Cybercriminals are always on the prowl, leading to a constant tech tug-of-war in biometric security

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