Why Your Customers Need An Agile Multicloud Strategy, Part 2


An agile multicloud strategy lets your customers swiftly adapt to market trends, scale as needed, and seize new opportunities As they evolve, they'll rely on you for this agility to reach their goals Research conducted for the Dell Innovation Index shows that most innovation leaders adopt an as-a-Service IT consumption model, re-platform existing apps to take advantage of cloud capabilities, and leverage a mix of public and private cloud environments 36% of respondents worry about the costs and time to build a new multicloud ecosystem With Dell APEX, you can help them see past their concerns It allows running public cloud workloads on-premises, ensuring security and compliance Plus, you can assist in creating a pay-per-use or managed utility ecosystem on Dell's infrastructure Ready to help your customers innovate? Start with the "Unleash Innovation with Multicloud by Design" infographic and explore the Dell Technologies Partner Portal for more insights

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