Cybercrime On Main Street Details Cyberthreats Facing SMBs


Sophos's 2024 Threat Report reveals a stark reality: cybercrime hits you the hardest. Ransomware may be the headline, but the real story is data and credential theft. 50% of all malware targeting SMBs last year were keyloggers and spyware. Nearly "The value of 'data' as currency has increased exponentially among cybercriminals." Christopher Budd of Sophos Attackers are getting craftier, shifting from simple social engineering to more sophisticated email schemes. They're also targeting MSPs and leveraging remote encryption, with such attacks on SMBs up 62%. Sophos advises: educate your staff, use multifactor authentication, keep software patched, and consider SaaS email platforms. And remember, quick response times are crucial. Ready to fortify your defenses? Download the full report for more insights.

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