Taking Cybersecurity Head On In Higher Education


Cybersecurity is a critical concern in higher education, and institutions face a daunting challenge. They are frequent targets of malware attacks, with a disturbingly slow recovery time compared to other sectors. “Campuses are treasure troves of sensitive information collected from students, administrators, staff members and others,” Adam Compton, Schneider Electric “Cyber threats represent one potential human-caused threat that can impact schools and (institutions of higher education), with potentially devastating consequences." US Department of Education By leveraging edge computing, Schneider Electric enables higher education institutions to enhance their cybersecurity posture. Schneider Electric champions the zero trust cybersecurity philosophy: limiting access and permissions based on the user. Focus on both physical security, which is the first line of defense, and logical security, which includes aspects such as the cloud and end-to-end monitoring software, is essential. But that’s only one piece. Others include robust monitoring, design, maintenance, and training. Schneider Electric’s partners can access its cybersecurity services, which include all of those elements.

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