ScalePad’s Trends Report Reveals Industry Shift


Sydney Neely The landscape of MSP services is constantly evolving and has no plans to slow down anytime soon. I've got Dan Wensley, CEO of ScalePad, here with me to discuss the highly anticipated MSP trends report and what his findings mean for the future of managed services. Hi, Dan. Dan Wensley Hey, Sydney. Sydney Neely What are the key findings or standout trends revealed in this year's report? Dan Wensley So we do this annual report for the last few years and it's always great to see the feedback from the MSPs inside North America and globally on some of the trends that they're seeing. This year, we had some surprises. We saw that cloud services had really expanded at the top of the list. Cybersecurity, as always, is always right there. But it's interesting to see how both cloud services and cybersecurity fill those top two spots. Sydney Neely And you mentioned cybersecurity as one of the biggest trends impacting MSPs in terms of business growth and solutions. How can they adapt to stay ahead and protect their clients? Dan Wensley So it's interesting. Cybersecurity is both now internal and external. We saw in our Trends report that they were very focused on what's going on internally as an MSP, protecting their clients data as they operate within that data internally as the MSP. Also, cybersecurity compliance as a service. That was a big one. So delivery for partners as a service, not just the cybersecurity, you know, solutions and vendor products that they adopt, but do it as an actual service for their customers. Sydney Neely What are the main challenges do MSPs face when tackling these trends? And how can adopting the right tools from ScalePad help them overcome it? Dan Wensley We've invested heavily in this area and along with our partners, so they've seen opportunities, whether it's compliance, whether it's services. First is knowledge. You've got to have the data of where your attack points are, where you're vulnerable. So there's so many great opportunities now for MSPs to take advantage of the technologies that are out there, identify those problems for their customer and have real conversations with their customer about their risk tolerance when it comes to cybersecurity. Sydney Neely How exactly is ScalePad using innovation to support MSPs and enhance their capabilities? Dan Wensley Yeah, we're doing that right across our entire product suite. So obviously we have cybersecurity solutions in our stack, but all of our products, including our asset management, our client relationship asset management solutions, the CIO services and tools, even the business intelligence tool, all of it gives you additional exposure, information and insights on where your customers might be vulnerable. Sydney Neely It sounds like having the right resources can really help MSPs stay ahead of the competition. Thank you Dan so much for joining me. Dan Wensley Thank you. Sydney Neely If you like to view the full report or learn more about ScalePad, check out their website.

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