Pioneering AI Solutions: AMD and Supermicro


In the constantly evolving landscape of AI and machine learning, the synergy between hardware and software is paramount. Enter AMD and Supermicro, two industry titans who have joined forces to empower organizations in the new world of AI with cutting-edge solutions. Their shared vision? To enable organizations to unlock the full potential of AI workloads, from training massive language models to accelerating complex simulations. At the heart of this collaboration lies the AMD Instinct MI300 Series—a family of accelerators designed to redefine performance boundaries. Supermicro’s H13 generation of GPU Servers serves as the canvas for this technological masterpiece. Optimized for leading-edge performance and efficiency, these servers integrate seamlessly with the AMD Instinct MI300 Series. The continued engagement between AMD and Supermicro performance teams enabled Supermicro to test pre-release ROCm versions with the latest performance optimizations and publicly released optimization like Flash Attention 2 and vLLM. “We are very excited to expand our rack scale Total IT Solutions for AI training with the latest generation of AMD Instinct accelerators. Our proven architecture allows for fully integrated liquid cooling solutions, giving customers a competitive advantage.” Charles Liang President and CEO Supermicro

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