10 Best Practices for Scaling the CSP Data Center - Part 2


Cloud service providers, here are 5 more best practices—courtesy of Supermicro—that you can follow for designing and deploying rack-scale data centers. Design at the data-center level Consider your entire data center as a single unit. This will help you tackle such macro-level issues as the separation of hot and cold aisles, forced air cooling, and the size of chillers and fans. Understand & consider liquid cooling 7 We’re approaching the limits of air cooling. A new approach, one based on liquid cooling, promises to keep processors and accelerators running within their design limits. Measure what matters You can’t improve what you don’t measure. So make sure you are measuring such important factors as your data center’s CPU, storage and network utilization. Manage jobs better A CSP’s data center is typically used simultaneously by many customers. That pretty much means using a job-management scheduler tool. Simplify your supply chain Within a single data center, standardizing on just a single supplier could be the winning ticket. This approach simplifies ordering, installation and support.

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