For Ansys engineering simulations, check out Supermicro's AMD-powered SuperBlade


Supermicro and AMD have partnered with Ansys Inc. to create an advanced HPC platform for engineering simulation software. The Supermicro SuperBlade, powered by AMD EPYC processors, provides exceptional memory bandwidth, floating-point performance, scalability and density for technical computing workloads. This makes the Supermicro system especially valuable to your customers who use Ansys software to create complex simulations that help solve real-world problems. Product development requires careful consideration of physics and material properties. Improperly simulating the impact of natural physics on a theoretical structure could have dramatic, even life-threatening consequences. The result of this partnership is a software/hardware platform that can run complex structural simulations without sacrificing either quality or efficiency. Even with modern, well-equipped systems, users of simulation software can encounter a myriad of roadblocks. The modular design of SuperBlade enables Ansys users to run simultaneous jobs on multiple nodes in parallel. Supermicro, AMD and Ansys have devised a way to give your engineering customers the tools they need, yet still optimize data-center footprint, power requirements and cooling systems.

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