A Common Sense Use of Sensors in Sustainable IT


Solution providers don’t need to look far to find straightforward solutions for efficiency in IT. And they may especially benefit by taking a new look at familiar scenarios when looking for a strong boost in results. IoT or Edge Computing provides a good place to start. Using sensors to keep tabs on temperature, humidity, motion and sound can open up major avenues of data that will drive better decisions. When it comes to a data center or server room, APC by Schneider Electric provides the NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced—a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance infrastructure management through meticulous environmental monitoring. The NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced represents a strong platform for efficiency, offering environmental sensor ports—and support for an expansion hub to allow the connection of as many as three sensors. Tracking heat, humidity, electricity use and other efficiency measures—particularly in real time, with data that environmental sensors can provide, is a key element of efficient IT. “Energy efficiency is the linchpin of sustainable data center operations. By optimizing server utilization, employing energy-efficient hardware and implementing advanced power management systems, data centers can significantly reduce their energy consumption. ” International Association of Business Analytics Certification

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