Why Relying Exclusively on Backup and Recovery Doesn’t Cut it Anymore


In the face of rampant ransomware and complex data landscapes, traditional backup and recovery strategies are no longer sufficient. Once upon a time, nightly backups to tape might have been enough. But now, with petabytes of data and intricate networks, this method falls short. In a recent webinar, Christophe Bertrand from ESG highlighted the frequency of ransomware attacks, with some organizations facing threats daily. Resilience isn't just about backing up; it's about expanding protection. Jeff Lundberg of Hitachi Vantara contrasts ransomware's reach to natural disasters, emphasizing the former's ability to wipe out entire data centers and backups. Enter the Commvault Cloud, paired with Hitachi Vantara storage, offering a robust defense. With AI-driven alerts and 'clean room' recovery, organizations can not only bounce back but also provide critical evidence.

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