Density And Energy Efficiency In Sustainability For Solution Providers


With great power comes great responsibility, especially in terms of energy consumption. And the data center is no exception. A report from The International Energy Agency explained that global data center electricity consumption was estimated to be between 240-340 terawatt hours, about 1 percent to 1.3 percent of the world's final electricity demand. Despite a surge in demand for data center services, energy use (excluding cryptocurrency-related consumption) has only moderately increased, the report noted. This restraint in energy growth can be attributed to significant efficiency improvements in both IT hardware and cooling systems. Furthermore, the industry's transition from smaller, less efficient enterprise data centers to more advanced cloud and hyperscale data centers has played a pivotal role in optimizing energy use. Solution providers are constantly seeking innovation in the quest for sustainable data center operations. A prime example of this innovative spirit is APC by Schneider Electric's approach with Power Distribution Units (PDUs). Their latest offering, the APC NetShelter Advanced Rack Power Distribution, is a testament to the industry's commitment to efficiency and sustainability. Designed to cater to high-density data environments, this PDU features up to 48 outlets in a single wide form factor, with models supporting up to 34.6kW. This high-density support is critical for modern data centers. Further enhancing its appeal are features like Network Management Cards (NMC) power sharing and a live swappable NMC, which collectively aim to maximize uptime.

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