Report: Sustainability Pacesetters Reap Rewards


If solution providers find competitors of them or their customers slowing down their sustainability plans, that’s an opportunity to make strong financial gains by becoming a “pacesetter” instead of an “observer.” Several product areas offered by Schneider Electric—notably EcoCare—provide key pathways to keep solution providers’ customers reaching their goals while attaining financial benefits. EcoCare by Schneider Electric is a membership-based service plan designed to optimize equipment and systems maintenance strategies, aiding businesses in moving towards a more dynamic, electrified and decarbonized world. It offers innovative digital capabilities for proactive expertise, minimizing downtime, maximizing operational efficiency, safety and achieving sustainability goals. The service includes around-the-clock proactive monitoring and alarming, asset management to foster equipment uptime and expert priority onsite and remote support. EcoCare provides a personalized digital experience through the mySchneider portal, offering visibility of assets under management and specialized training as part of an effective maintenance plan. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, IT solution providers are increasingly recognizing the importance of being pacesetters in IT sustainability rather than mere observers. This shift is not just about embracing green practices, but a strategic move that intertwines sustainability with profitability. The recent collaboration between Schneider Electric and Compass showcases a successful model in this regard.

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