Energy Efficiency As Killer App


Energy Efficiency As Killer App The path to net-zero carbon emissions is still viewed as critical to the environment, and affordable, reliable solutions will be critical to reaching that goal, according to a new study from McKinsey & Company. A continued pillar of net zero is energy efficiency—which provides both affordability and reliability. “(M)any of these measures, such as those improving energy efficiency, are cheaper than traditional alternatives over their lifetimes; implementing them could thus improve overall affordability.” McKinsey & Company Low-cost energy efficiency measures, underscored by initiatives like APC by Schneider Electric’s Green Premium eco-mark, are vital tools for companies aiming to improve their financial performance while demonstrating environmental stewardship. The Green Premium label developed by Schneider Electric certifies that a company meets a number of benchmarks for sustainability and net-zero goals. One of the core criteria for a product to earn the Green Premium label is its energy efficiency. Schneider Electric defines energy-efficient products under this label as those that are at least 10 percent more energy-efficient than the market average. Power Monitoring Expert contributes to the efficient management of power systems, providing insights that can help minimize energy waste and enhance overall energy efficiency. For solution providers, Green Premium and EcoStruxure solutions provide affordable and effective ways to keep customers moving toward net-zero—while reaping the benefits of spending less money on energy. “If the net-zero transition is managed well, there are many ways in which it could further affordability, reliability and industrial competitiveness over time,” McKinsey says. “The most obvious is that the world would have to spend less on adapting to climate change and withstanding the damage it causes.”

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