Most Business Now Focused On Scope 3 Emissions, Study Reports


Solution providers whose customers fail to measure their Scope 3 emission should be aware that their competitors are working to use it to their advantage. Scope 3 emissions are indirect greenhouse gas emissions that occur in a company's value chain, beyond its direct operations. These include emissions related to both upstream activities like raw material extraction and downstream activities, such as the use of sold products. “(M)ore respondents said they have set Scope 3 reduction targets—up 12 (percentage points) since 2021, from 23 percent to 35 percent—with the most common areas of focus being waste management and purchased goods and services,” Report from Boston Consulting Group Schneider Electric's approach to addressing Scope 3 emissions is multifaceted and comprehensive. The company provides Zeigo Activate. This is part of Schneider Electric's Zeigo platform, which assists organizations in managing and reducing Scope 3 emissions. Other offerings from Schneider Electric include its Sustainability School, which offers a range of training and online courses tailored to the specific needs of IT solution providers. Participants gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in sustainability, enabling them to develop innovative solutions that reduce environmental impact and drive cost savings.

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