How To Get The Latest UPS Technology


Recycling information technology products offers a path toward sustainability. It helps achieve net-zero goals by reducing waste, conserving resources, and minimizing the environmental impact of technological advancement. Schneider Electric Trade-UPS for Edge Computing program supports those goals by providing an innovative approach to upgrading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units. This initiative allows customers to exchange any UPS, regardless of brand or condition, for the latest APC Smart-UPS technology. A notable perk is the up to 25 percent discount on the new purchase. The program's flexibility is a key advantage. Customers can upgrade to a UPS with up to four times their current unit's Volt-Ampere (VA) capacity, catering to those needing expanded power backup capacities. The program includes free removal and shipping of old units, simplifying the transition to new technology. For larger units, APC arranges pickup and return in easily accessible areas. Crucially, APC ensures the ecological disposal of returned UPS units and batteries in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and best practices, adding significant value for customers. Overall, the APC Trade-UPS for Edge Computing program is a cost-effective solution for technological upgrades and promotes environmental responsibility and customer convenience.

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