Measuring Sustainability And Its Effectiveness


Financial health and sustainability walk hand-in-hand, with more companies finding it important to report on both with equal importance. For solution providers, that means an opportunity to leverage available tools for customers to monitor and measure BTUs with the same urgency as businesses have traditionally measured profit and loss. “Many companies are now reporting on sustainability as a supplement to financial reporting to demonstrate their commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs,” Schneider Electric wrote in a recent white paper. The company proposed the following sustainability reporting categories: energy, local ecosystem reporting water, greenhouse gas emissions and waste. According to a new survey by Thomson-Reuters, business leaders believe that ESG will continue to grow in importance in a significant way: “Through our research we found that 71 percent of C-suite and functional leaders agree or strongly agree that the role of ESG in corporate performance will grow in the future,” Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure solution offers several benefits for solution providers seeking to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their data center operations through enhanced data collection and analysis. Here are three ways it provides better insight: 1. Real-time Monitoring and Analytics 2. Energy Efficiency Optimization 3. Predictive Maintenance and Risk Management

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