Spectrum Celebrates Partner Program After ARC Win


Katie Bavoso Hello, I'm your host, Katie Bavoso from The Channel Company bringing you the latest news. The Spectrum Partner program was recently recognized in the prestigious 2023 CRN Annual Report Card, where it ranked number one in network connectivity and scored high marks for product innovation, support and partnership. Today, we will get more insights into why Spectrum Partner Program received this industry recognition and what it plans for its partners in the future. I would now like to welcome Keven Clifton, Vice President with Spectrum Business, and Michelle Kadlececk, Vice President from Spectrum Enterprise. Thank you both so much for being here. What does this recognition of the ARC award, as it's called, mean to the Spectrum team? Michelle Kadlececk Great. Thank you, Katie, for having us. You know, winning the ARC Award now for two years in a row means a lot to us. This industry recognition indicates that we're making the right investments in our network infrastructure and technology solutions to meet the demands of our partners and their clients. We have a solution of choice for network connectivity according to our partners, and winning this award is just validation of the value that we provide to those we serve. And there's just so much opportunity available. Katie Bavoso Such a great point, Michelle, thank you so much. Keven, let's move on to you. Tell me about the Spectrum Partner program, what we're all here to talk about today. Why do you think you receive such high marks on network connectivity? Keven Clifton Yeah, thanks for the question, Katie. So, you know, connectivity is really at the core of what we do here at Spectrum. We have a modern network platform that's available to over 279,000 fiber lit buildings, and we have fiber proximity to millions of business addresses across the United States, and we're constantly expanding that reach. We have approximately 500 million IP devices connected to our network, 800,000 playing miles in 56 million businesses and homes that we pass across the United States and the 41 states that we serve. And our network is constantly growing so that we can meet the evolving challenges of small and medium and enterprise level customers, whether it's from high data volume growth to I.T. infrastructure needs. It's easy to layer our solutions such as security services and managed services over the top of our highly reliable network. In fact, you know, the FCC this year identified spectrum as having the most reliable download speeds in its 2023 Measuring Broadband America report. And it's another recognition that we were very pleased to receive. Katie Bavoso Michelle, we'll move back over to you. Spectrum was recognized for product innovation in this year's CRN annual report card. What can you share about your product portfolio that makes it stand out from the competition? Michelle Kadlececk You know, Spectrum has a broad portfolio of best in class telecommunications services that range from Internet, voice, TV, mobile networking and managed services. You know, we have a growing portfolio and we just recently expanded our cybersecurity solutions with two additions to our managed network services directly integrating with Managed Network Edge, which is based on our Cisco Meraki platform and our enterprise network Edge, which is powered by Fortinet. So clients can get connectivity, equipment and network management all in one easy to use solution. In addition, we deliver speeds of 100 gig across our fiber network for a range of data transport solutions such as Internet wide Area Network and Wavelength. Katie Bavoso Spectrum also received high marks for partnership in this year's arc. Tell us, how do you work with partners to help meet their clients needs and how does this help them win more business? Keven Clifton We provide our selling partners with dedicated partner support team, access to technical sales consultants, serviceability tools, marketing collateral and 24 seven 365 US based tech support. And we're really focused on meeting channel partners where they are every step of the way, and our team members can help partners perform consultative reviews, discover new opportunities and recommend solutions based on client specific needs. And we encourage our partners to leverage our managed services and client services specialists. They can help them win deals and we're constantly listening to our advisory council, which is comprised of our TSD Partners.

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