Supermicro Expands Rack Capacity for Faster and Greener Servers


Supermicro recently announced that it has expanded its capacity and can now provide 5,000 fully integrated, liquid-cooled racks per month. That’s because Supermicro now has integration facilities in four countries: the United States, Taiwan, Netherlands and Malaysia. Between those systems and the company’s global locations, Supermicro can now deliver its rackmount systems both faster and over shorter distances. That shorter shipping distance also means less fuel needed and less polluting greenhouse gas produced. That’s an environmental win-win. You can rely on Supermicro for data center IT solutions including: on-site delivery, deployment, integration and benchmarking Two areas of special interest for Supermicro are AI and liquid cooling. For AI, Supermicro plans to support AMD’s forthcoming MI300X GPU/CPU system, expected to be formally announced later this year. As for liquid cooling, it’s a technology Supermicro expects will soon be adopted by as many as 1 in 5 data centers worldwide as CPUs and GPUs continue to get hotter.

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