Report: Business Value Starts To Drive Sustainability In IT


Most companies are gearing up to boost their IT sustainability efforts within the upcoming year, signaling a shift even among those with lesser initial focus. According to a report by 451 Research, an emphasis on sustainability has become, reality. "Nearly all companies we surveyed agree that IT infrastructure needs to become more sustainable and are planning to have sustainability programs in place in the next year, even firms that do not see sustainability as a key focus currently." -451 Research The report serves to reiterate the value in across-the-board solutions from Schneider Electric. For example, the company’s EcoStruxure IT software provides a range of features for a solution to attack sustainability priorities in a changing technology environment. Schneider Electric’s lineup and history of providing a foundation for sustainability is in sync with another key finding in the study: 40 percent of those answering 451 Research’s survey said business value was a key driver for their sustainability plans, while “Overall sustainability concern and social responsibility,” were a leading motivation for 36 percent. With plans to kickstart sustainability projects in the coming year, both large and small enterprises emphasize reducing energy, waste and embodied carbon.

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