Decreasing Carbon in IT and Adding Value


Stop thinking of carbon reduction as a cost center in IT. Start thinking of it as a cost cutter and value provider—according to data and analysis in a new study published by global consulting firm McKinsey & Company. The study reaffirms the benefits of businesses enacting a net-zero carbon emission strategy with a more defined result: hard cost savings in operations, the firm says. “Our analysis shows that companies are already seeing results: up to 40 percent reductions in emissions and up to a 15 percent improvement in financial performance. By 2030, incumbents can, on average, abate 20 to 40 percent of emissions while also reducing their production costs.” McKinsey & Company For IT solution providers, a strong pathway to achieving both carbon reduction and financial benefit can be found through Schneider Electric’s portfolio of EcoStruxure products and services. Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure platform is a digital toolset designed for the optimization and automation of energy, infrastructure and industrial processes. This platform aids businesses in achieving a comprehensive view of their energy use, facilitating the identification of inefficiencies, enhancing operational optimizations and integrating renewable energy resources. EcoStruxure has been a longtime mainstay of Schneider Electric’s decarbonization offerings, which includes EcoStruxture IT Expert - a popular tool for solution provider partners in this effort. As McKinsey puts it: “Reducing costs and carbon simultaneously can also free up cash to invest in new business opportunities that emerge from the ongoing net-zero transition.”

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