How NS Solutions Creates a Better Multicloud with Dell APEX Flex On Demand


How NS Solutions Uses Dell APEX Flex On Demand To Create A Better Multicloud Japan-based NS Solutions is revolutionizing digital transformations They're using Dell APEX Flex on Demand and VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure to create an agile multicloud approach A recent McKinsey study shows successful digital transformations can double EBITDA and improve productivity, customer experience, and ROI NS Solutions is achieving this by adopting a consumption-based IT approach NS Solutions uses Dell APEX Flex on Demand for a managed infrastructure model with stability and cost predictability With Dell APEX Flex on Demand, NS Solutions and their customers get immediate access to buyer capacity and payments matched to actual usage NS Solutions shows how leveraging Dell Technologies can speed the way to an agile multicloud strategy and a more effective digital transformation Learn more about Dell APEX Flex on Demand today

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