GenAI, IT Trends, Cybersecurity, CEOs, and Privacy


Research Roundup: GenAI, IT Trends, Cybersecurity, CEOs, and Privacy Generative AI is booming, with the market predicted to hit $143 billion by 2027. IDC group VP Ritu Jyoti says, "GenAI is more than a fleeting trend or mere hype." Gartner researchers have predicted 10 IT trends. These include AI productivity as an economic indicator, GenAI tools reducing modernization costs, and enterprises spending over $30 billion fighting "malinformation." 12% in Q2 this year, reaching $19 billion worldwide. Cybersecurity spending rose nearly Roughly three-quarters of CEOs (74%) say they’re concerned about their organizations’ ability to avert or minimize damage from a cyberattack. Americans are concerned about data privacy. 81% worry about how companies use their personal data 77% doubting their willingness to admit mistakes and take responsibility. Trust in social media CEOs is low

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