OCP Global Summit Demos The Power of Collaboration for the Data Center


Thousands of data-center professionals will gather in Silicon Valley this month for the 2023 OCP Global Summit. This in-person event, sponsored by the Open Compute Project, will be held in San Jose, Calif., on Oct. 17 – 19. OCP members share data center products and best practices that apply open standards. The group’s projects include server design, data storage, rack design, energy-efficient data centers, open networking switches, and servers. The OCP requires that all contributions meet at least 3 of its 5 core tenets: Efficiency Impact Openness Scalability Sustainability OCP began as a Facebook project, launched in 2009, to build an energy-efficient data center. That led to the opening of a Facebook data center in Pineville, Ore., that the company says is 24% less expensive to run than its previous facilities. Today the nonprofit organization has nearly 300 corporate members and over 6,000 active participants. Members include Amazon, AMD, Arm, AT&T, Cisco, Dell, Google, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Meta, Supermicro and Tencent. Among the keynote speakers at this year’s OCP Global Summit will be Forrest Norrod, executive VP and GM of the data center solutions business group at AMD. Supermicro will be showing three of its servers at the OCP Global Summit: 1. Supermicro CloudDC A+ Server 2. Supermicro Hyper A+ Server 3. Supermicro Storage A+ Server

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