AMD & Supermicro: Why M&E Content Creators Need High-End VDI, Rendering & Storage


When content creators at media and entertainment (M&E) organizations create videos and films, they’re also competing for attention. And today that requires a lot of technology. Making a full-length animated film involves no fewer than 14 complex steps, including 3D modeling, texturing, animating, visual effects and rendering. The whole process can take years. And it requires a serious quantity of high-end compute, storage and software. From an IT perspective, three of the most compute-intensive activities for M&E content creators are VDI, rendering and storage. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI): To power VDI setups, Supermicro offers a 4U GPU server with up to 8 PCIe GPUs. Rendering: Individual 3D images created on a computer are transformed into the stream of 2D images ready to be shown to audiences. For rendering, Supermicro offers its 2U Hyper system, the AS -2125HS-TNR. Storage: Content creation involves creating, storing and manipulating huge volumes of data. For storage challenges, Supermicro offers Petascale storage servers based on AMD EPYC processors. They've been designed to store, process and move vast amounts of data.

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