Solutions At The Edge: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure


Edge computing is exactly what it sounds like: computing devices at the edges of a network that collect and relay data to the network’s brain. Edge devices can be sensors that track when people enter or leave a room, the temperature of a location, electricity generated by or used by other devices and even sound or silence. These data sources are processed and analyzed, assisting with real-time and over-time decision-making and operations tracking. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, no matter how far away it is from a data center. "Technologies such as cloud and edge computing ... have shown steady increases in innovation and continue to have expanded use cases across industries. In fact, more than 400 edge use cases across various industries have been identified, and edge computing is projected to win double-digit growth globally over the next five years." McKinsey & Company While cloud computing puts data in data centers that are far away from where business is conducted, edge computing spreads it out everywhere business is conducted. Edge computing is essential for digital transformation in business. For solution providers, examining Schneider Electric’s approach can be both instructive and a practical strategy for delivering digital transformation to customers. [Published 10/20/2023]

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