How to Stop Weaponized AI Attacks in Their Tracks


AI and cybercrime are a match made in hell, and they’re marching straight for us on a road paved with bad intentions. The bad guys are already using AI. Your clients need AI of their own. It needs to protect your clients’ entire infrastructure at scale. The AI-powered threat intelligence your clients rely on must be able to infer threats from anomalous data. The good news on the AI front is that the good guys are making breakthroughs of their own. In May, Fortinet released FortiOS 7.4, a new version of the operating system that powers Fortinet’s fabric. Among a laundry list of features and other improvements is the release of new real-time response and automation capabilities that empower organizations to build a self-defending ecosystem. These new powers are embedded in the AI-powered global threat intelligence, empowering protection against the toughest of cyberthreats. Secure networking solutions enhanced with FortiOS 7.5 improvements include: Unified Management and Analytics Across Hybrid Networks Hybrid Mesh Firewall for Data Center and Cloud Secure SD-WAN for Branch Offices Single-Vendor SAS for Remote Users and Branch Offices Universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for Remote Users and Campus Locations WLAN/LAN for Branch Offices and Campus Locations

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