Enhance Your Clients’ Network Security With ZTNA User-Based Risk Scoring


As organizations enable remote work policies, they also extend the number of endpoint devices outside their corporate firewalls. Further weakening their network security is the staggering increase in the volume and velocity of cyberattacks as cybercriminals leverage their newly acquired AI savvy to launch more sophisticated malware and phishing attacks. Fortinet’s ZTNA solution now includes user-based risk scoring, providing deeper insights into potentially malicious behaviors and events inside your client’s network. With User-Based Risk Scoring, you can track unusual user behaviors and customize risk scoring to break only when a potentially risky situation occurs. Fortinet’s ZTNA solution enables universal enforcement and policies across your client’s entire environment, including remote employees. While most vendors only support cloud-based architecture, Fortinet supports cloud-based services and hybrid networks. This is possible because Fortinet ZTNA was built on FortiOS, our single operating system.

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