Selling Security To Sustainability-Sensitive Clients


Selling Security To Sustainability-Sensitive Clients Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, there’s no question that the tech space has an outsized impact on our world’s resources, energy and emissions. Generations of environmentally aware purchasing influencers climbing the ranks at corporations large and small, sustainability is becoming a factor—sometimes significantly—in technology sourcing. Selling solutions from sustainably focused vendors, which already move the needle on deals today, will become that much more influential over time. Sustainability demand is already meaningful. A McKinsey advisory on sustainability demand details two essential takeaways for MSSPs: Sustainability demand is enormous and growing Sustainability in B2B supplier pools is becoming increasingly important in purchasing decisions If you want to push sustainability heavily, prominently featuring products and services that are leading the charge should be part of your communications strategy. If you work with a robust, channel-focused supplier with strong sustainability initiatives, you can source some of that messaging from your channel team.

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