How Your Customers Benefit From A Shorter Device Refresh Cycle


If your customers are waiting the typical three yearsto refresh their commercial laptops and PCs, they could be laying themselves open to costly security breaches and reduced employee productivity. Aging infrastructure can expose businesses of all sizes to costly security vulnerabilities like rleading to higher energy costs and a more significant carbon footprint. Your customers might like to know that you can help allay their security concerns while markedly improving their overall employee experience by adopting an enhanced device ecosystem that features the new Windows 11 operating system and Microsoft’s cloud-based M365 software suite. Another powerful argument is its ability to provide more sustainably produced products with lower power consumption and asset recycling, which can help offset the cost of a regular device refresh cycle. More than half of the 416 global IT directors interviewed by Forrester said they had experienced or anticipated various positive benefits of moving to a lifecycle model. To get things moving in the right direction, take a look at the new Dell Technologies Client Portfolio , an array of computing technologies designed for hybrid-working scenarios

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