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More Highlights From CES 2018: A Wearable Assistant, Laser 3D Printer And More


The Pepcom Digital Experience, held at CES 2018 on Monday featured voice-controlled assistants in several form factors to give consumers a look at the various ways a voice user interface, with artificial intelligence, can change our daily lives. OV Headphones by OnVocal is the world's first wearable assistant, using Amazon Alexa, Google Digital Assistant or Apple's Siri. "With Amazon Alexa, you have a dot and you have to be on the Wi-Fi network of your home. Right now, we take all the technology, put it around your neck and let you take it with you on the go," said Marty Urick, vice president of sales at OnVocal. Kika Go is a driving assistant that will soon be coming to market. It combines voice recognition software with the world's first noise cancellation smart mic, allowing drivers to navigate to various locations without taking their hands off the wheel. It also supports multiple messaging apps for quick, hands-free communication while en route. CES opened to the public on Tuesday and will run through Friday, January 12.

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