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BCG Exec Vlad Lukic: 'There is money chasing solutions in AI, Robotics, and IoT Space'


CRNtv spoke with Partner and Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group, Vladimir Lukic, about recent growth and market trends in AI, IoT, and robotics. He discussed what this means for technology integrators in the channel. "As we think about big market trends, I would say the biggest ones are around the improvements of the technology itself. It is now easier to use and easier to integrate. It is simpler, but with much more functionality, higher fidelities, dexterities, etc." said Lukic. He also mentioned that prices have continued to decrease dramatically for components, which is ultimately creating a 'meta-trend' of big growth in the industry. "Over the last twelve months there has been over $2.5 billion of investments in the space," said Lukic. "There is money chasing solutions." He said that as solutions get developed, it will be important for companies to have someone to actually integrate them into the market. For Lukic, communication is key. "This is going to be a fantastic opportunity for the integrators and the channels to claim that position and establish themselves.” Lukic also said that in a recent report, Boston Consulting Group is projecting that by 2025 there will be over $87 billion spent on solutions in the space. “If we unpack that a bit more for the commercial and the infrastructure space, which are the most relevant for the channel and the integrators, you’ll see that there is plenty of money to go around for those who focus and lean in.”

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